RI-THAI with manufacturers to develop various types of hook and loop monofilament and flame retardant monofilament

Monday, 02/11/2020, 10:40 GMT+7


Recently, Ri-thai Fiber (Kun shan) Co., Ltd. has worked closely with a manufacturer to continuously develop new halogen-free flame-retardant monofilament products in response to high-end market needs. After technical communication between the manufacturer and Ri-thai, the manufacturer depends on use of Ri-thai products and process, specially developed formula, the manufacturer personally sent technicians to the factory for debugging, and finally developed halogen-free nylon 6/nylon 66 flame-retardant monofilament and polyester flame-retardant monofilament. Halogen-free nylon 6 flame-retardant monofilament is mainly used for For airport artificial grass, halogen-free nylon 66 is mainly used for hook and loop monofilament, and PET flame retardant is mainly used for monofilament for automobile pipe insulation sleeves and zippers. Flame retardant development is one of our innovative products.

Halogen-free and phosphorus-free flame-retardant nylon 6 monofilament used for airport artificial grass came out. This product has outstanding flame-retardant performance, an astonishing oxygen index of 34, and is low-smoke and non-toxic. The monofilament has good pile effect, bulkiness, weather resistance, abrasion resistance, resilience and fatigue resistance.

Halogen-free and phosphorus-free flame-retardant nylon 66 flame-retardant monofilament is used for hook-and-loop monofilament and various fabric products. The flame-retardant monofilament is easy to dye, the dyeing rate is high, and the coloring speed is fast, which overcomes the difficulty of monofilament coloring problem, color fastness is strong and the color is bright after coloring and it can be widely used in hook and loop products and fabric products. Innovative halogen-free and phosphorus-free flame-retardant nylon 66 monofilament, and solve the problem of low strength of flame-retardant monofilament in production.

Halogen-free environmentally friendly flame-retardant PE/PP artificial turf yarn, good flame retardant effect, self-extinguishing from the fire; light weight, abrasion resistance, weather resistance, high strength, and versatile. It can be widely used in curtain fabrics, room carpets, car carpets, outdoor artificial grass, etc.

The halogen-free environmentally friendly flame-retardant polyester monofilament has good flame-retardant effect, the oxygen limiting index can reach 30, and the V0 level can be reached according to customer requirements, and it maintains good aging and wear resistance, and has a wide range of application. It can be widely used in all kinds of wire and pipe insulation sleeves and clothing zippers.

Ri-thai Fiber (Kun shan) Co., Ltd. will continue to work closely with partners for various flame-retardant products to continuously develop new halogen-free flame-retardant monofilaments, contributing to the upgrading of flame-retardant monofilament materials.