Privacy Policy

E-commerce website is managed by CONG TY TNHH RTI ( VIET NAM ) for the purpose of introducing and providing viewers with information about the company as well as high quality monofilament yarns.

In order to ensure website safety and information security for consumers, RTI (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. offers some of information security policies for individual and institutional customers.

The term you are used below is to replace customers who are individuals or organizations when accessing and using the services of website.

We may amend, update, and supplement this policy at any time. The revision is effective at the time we update it. After the privacy policy is updated, you still use Website which means you understand and agree to the new Privacy Policy.

Information collection purpose:

The collection of information through the website will help us

  • Capture the wishes and desire of customers in order to improve service.
  • Help customers update information about the company's products.

Scope of information collection: customer information collection included:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Email  

Scope of using information:

We take the confidentiality of customer information very seriously, so we are committed to absolutely not using customer information voluntarily for the purpose of not bringing benefits to customers, we are committed to not trading, giving Exchange customer confidential information to any third party. However, in the following special cases, we may reasonably share guest information when:

  • Get the consent of the customer.
  • To protect the interests of the company and our partners: We only give out personal information of customers when making sure that such information can protect the interests and assets of the company. us and related partners. This information will be legally disclosed under the Laws of Vietnam.
  • At the request of the government authorities when we find it in compliance with Vietnamese law.

Time to save information: will save the Personal Information provided by the Customer on our internal systems in the course of providing services to the Customer or until the purpose of collection is completed or when the Customer requests to cancel the information provided.

The address of the unit that collects and manages personal information:

  • Address: Lot 9-1 Road No 2A, Protrade International Tech Park, An Tay Commune, Ben Cat Town, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam.
  • Tel: (0274) 3568899 - Fax: (0274) 3568188 - Email:

Commitment to protecting personal information of customers:

We are committed to ensuring the security of information for our customers when providing personal information with our company. We are committed not to exchange or purchase customer information for commercial purposes. All sharing and using customer information we are committed to comply with the company's privacy policy. We are committed to making you feel confident and satisfied with your personal information when participating in and using our company's services.

  • Privacy policy only applies to the information customers provide on the official website of our company. Any information you provide at other websites or other addresses is not within the scope of this Privacy Policy.