Halogen-free flame-retardant polyamide 66 hook and loop monofilament made from Ri-thai was shortlisted for China's fiber trend

, 31/10/2020, 09:07 GMT+7


Tolilon Monofilament has always implemented the tenet of "innovation, green, low-carbon, and environmental protection", deepened the supply-side structural reform, followed the high-quality development concept, and the R&D department worked closely with manufacturer to continuously develop new models in response to the needs of the high-end market. Various halogen-free permanent flame-retardant monofilament products made by various new materials.

After technical communication between the manufacturer and Ri-thai, the manufacturer depends on use of Ri-thai products and process, specially developed formula. Through many tests, finally developed halogen-free permanent polyamide 66/6 flame-retardant monofilament.

The main types of halogen-free and phosphorus-free permanent flame-retardant polyamide 66 flame-retardant monofilament are: Velcro monofilament and various fabric monofilaments. The main use: Velcro and various fabrics. Halogen-free and phosphorus-free permanent flame Polyamide 66 monofilament has high dyeing rate and fast coloring speed, which overcomes the difficult problem of monofilament coloring, and after coloring, it has strong color fastness with bright. It can be widely used in hook and loop products and fabric products.

The main purpose of halogen-free polyamide 6 flame-retardant artificial grass: aircraft ground greening, halogen-free phosphorus-free permanent flame-retardant nylon 6 monofilament used for airport artificial grass came out, the product has outstanding flame retardant performance, an astonishing oxygen index of 34, and is Low smoke and non-toxic. The monofilament has a good pile effect, and has excellent bulkiness, weather resistance, abrasion resistance, resilience and fatigue resistance.

Ri-thai Fiber (Kun shan) Co., Ltd. declared the above-mentioned flame-retardant monofilament related materials to the China Chemical Fiber Industry Association. After the preliminary review, re-examination and final evaluation by experts from major scientific research institutes, chemical fiber and upstream and downstream related industries, Ri-thai Fiber (Kun shan) Co., Ltd. the company's "Tolilon" brand product, named "Greening Dope Colored Halogen-free Flame Retardant Polyamide Monofilament", this product was finally shortlisted for the 2020/2021 China Fiber Trend, May 2020 China Chemical Fiber Industry The association also issued a certificate of honor.

The development of flame-retardant monofilament is a major innovative product of our company. For various flame-retardant monofilament products, Ri-thai Fiber (Kun shan) Co., Ltd. will continue to work closely with its partners to continuously develop new halogen-free permanent flame-retardant new monofilaments, making contributions to the upgrading of flame-retardant monofilament materials.